Okay, where to begin? I have over 20 years of experience online, designing, creating, implementing. I’ve seen the Internet in it’s infancy and watched it crawl, and walk, and run. Each day is a new day and I learn all the time. It’s wonderful. But I digress. I’ve also amassed almost 40 years of retail experience. I’ve worked the counters, run the departments, oversaw personnel, scheduled, the lot. What has this to do with Web Development? The practices are the same in many ways. Understanding what customers expect, what they were used to is valuable information. Sure not all aspects of a brick and mortar presence carry over, but many do. Well marked ads in a store vs clear and concise product information online. Ease of payment and receipt of goods or services vs smooth checkout in a secure environment, prompt delivery, courteous customer support. These are still desired and sought after. (The only difference is, shopping online means you can do it in your bathrobe).

I have 35+ years experience in Information Technologies (IT). I’ve built and serviced, sold and supported computers. I understand how they think. Again, why is this important? Well what are you going to use? An abacus? I doubt it will connect to Google. Understanding their limitations and their way of doing things, lends itself to planning things out. I’ve used and supported Windows 1, to Windows 10. Android is my lifeline. These lend themselves to the design aspect. Making sure your site works well in all formats and on all platforms. I love the validators for code, and mobile ability. It can seem like hand to hand warfare but I love the challenge. (I’ll deny that later so be warned). I have quite a collection of browsers too. Why? Well the browser wars are still going strong and it’s my task to make sure your new website runs as smoothly as possible on all those shiny viewports. (mention browser wars to most developers and they will twitch uncontrollably). I prefer to hand code but I have wysiwyg editors also.

Okay you now know a lot about me. It’s your turn, please use my handy contact form. Let’s discuss your needs and get you moving into your new home!